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Connoisseurs Main Courses

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Chicken Kofta

Chicken cooked in grinding masala and yoghurt sauce

Kalimirch aur Methiwalla Murgh

Succulent tikkas of chicken grilled in tandoor and then braised in a peppery fenugreek masala.

Subz Gosht

A Hyderabad delicacy of mutton cooked with a rich paste of spinach, green chilli, coriander and mint.


A special recipe from Jaipur, a semi dry dish from tender pieces of meat cooked with ground onion, green peppers, mushroom and fresh herbs and Indian spices.

Lamb Piaza

Lamb pieces cooked with sliced onions and our special blend of spices.

Chicken or Lamb Pasanda

Tossed with pure butter ghee, cooked in a very rich creamy sauce, flavoured with red wine.

Tandoori King Prawn Masala

King Prawns marinated in our tandoori sauce, cooked in the tandoor and then simmered in cream.


King Prawns cooked in a subtle blend of white wine, almonds, honey, sag and vegetables.

South Indian Garlic Chilli Chicken

Barbecued pieces of chicken cooked in a fresh garlic and chilli sauce with coriander and crisp red chilli.

King Prawn Achari

Another Hyderabadi delicacy of selected king prawns sauteed in a sauce of pickling spices, traditionally prepared for the kings.