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Traditional Main Courses

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Chicken Tikka Masala

Invented by a world famous but unknown British Curry House Chef in the early 70s as a way of exploiting his already popular chicken tikka. We present our own exclusive recipe of succulent tikka in smooth masala.

Khas Korma

Pieces of chicken/lamb braised in a yogurt gravy enriched with mild coconut and redolent of cardamom, mace and yogurt cream sauce. A very smooth and rich dish that is full of flavour and aroma.





King Prawns



This is a method of cooking meat in a hot and spicy sauce with yellow lentils.


A Parsi speciality. This dish is prepared by gently cooking the meat or fish in a hot, spicy, sweet and sour sauce.


It is a hot dish prepared with fresh ginger, garlic, green chillies, red and green peppers and fresh coriander, cooked in a light gravy.


These dishes are prepared in an iron wok and smeared with chopped tomatoes, capsicum and shredded ginger and a special blend of mild herbs.


The meat is gently cooked with brown onions, tomatoes together with mild spices and a touch of garlic, ginger and a sprinkle of fresh coriander.


Nothing to say about Balti. It is a home made preparation to suit your palette.

Rogan Josh

The dish acquired its name from the rich red appearance, which in turn is derived from fresh tomatoes, paprika and ground red chillies.


Madras dishes are blended with fairly hot chilli sauce.


Vindaloo dishes are blended with very hot chilli sauce.


Fairly hot curry prepared with coconut & hot sour spices.


Relatively dry medium curry to give extra taste to onions.


Highly Spiced curry cooked with chilli sauce.

Sag Dishes

Delightful dry medium curry, sautéed with fresh spinach and oriental spices.

Malaya Dishes

A mildly spiced dish prepared with pineapple and fruit juices to create a beautiful balanced flavor.