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Vegetable Side Orders

Vegetable Side Orders - New

Mushrooms and Coriander

Cooked in light spices together with soy sauce and coriander.

Brinjal Bhaji

Aubergines chopped and fried cooked with herbs and spices.

Sag Ponir

Spinach cooked with cottage cheese.

Aloo Gobhi

Tine of florets of cauliflower cooked in a dry style with potatoes and served with a sprinkle of fresh coriander.

Bombay Aloo

Last, but not least, most famous spud dish.

Sag Bhaji

The most famous “Popeye” Dish cooked with fresh garlic tarka.

Daal Maharani or Tarka

The lentil delicacy incorporating fresh tomato, onion and ghee. A very rich and smooth dish.

Chana Mosalam

Chick peas delicacy cooked with fresh herbs and spices.